Vector Magazine

Committee Directors: Leslie Zhang & Dmitri Mirakyan


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Vector is the quarterly student engineering magazine published by the Student Engineering Council. In the past, it has served as the voice of engineering students at UT to the rest of the Cockrell School of Engineering faculty and students as well as to the rest of UT.  Currently, Vector is regaining its audience around the UT campus and strives to become an essential part of the average engineering student’s monthly reading material.

Because Vector is written, managed, and designed completely by students, it is unlike many other publications that can be found around the UT campus.  All of the aspects of Vector give it a feel of uniqueness from the engineering perspective, providing fresh ideas on common current engineering themes and even on non-engineering-related topics.  

The magazine is always looking for new readers, writers, material, and perspectives from all corners of the UT campus and is not limited to the Cockrell School of Engineering.  Each issue features a calendar, a student advice column, and a few articles from engineering student organizations letting the average UT engineer know about what opportunities are coming up in the next month before the next issue of Vector is published.