Engineering Saturdays


*Engineering Saturdays is currently not operational due to the Austin Children's Museum moving up north. More information to come!

What is the Engineering Saturdays program?

Engineering Saturdays is a collaborative program between student organizations in the Cockrell School of Engineering and the Austin Children's Museum. From 1:00 - 3:00pm on selected Saturday mornings throughout the school year, 8 - 12 volunteers from various UT engineering student organizations do a hands-on project with kids, aged 5 -12, at the museum. Each project is designed to teach engineering principles and to produce something kids can take home...for example: cars propelled by wind, rubber bands, balloons, etc.; marble racers; paper airplanes; LED flashlights; and much, much more.

Why should your organization participate?

First and foremost, this is a great opportunity for community service that really uses your engineering education and helps promote interest in science and technology among kids. Nothing is more exciting than "watching the light bulb turn on" in an 8-year old mind! Engineering Saturdays also provide excellent opportunities for those who participate in organizations that require community service hours for its membership. And, of course, there's the free pizza lunch following the program!

*****Note: Since many organizations want to participate in this program and there are limited spots, it is advisable if your organization isn't on the current line-up list to go ahead and email us that your group is interested so that we may put you on for next semester. If organizations want to do this program more than once, you all will have to wait for the ones who haven't yet done EngrSATs, but if for some reason there are spots left over, we'll consider giving those spots to the ones who want to participate more than once.

Want more information?

Please, feel free to contact the Engineering Saturdays program coordinator, Christina Soontornvat, at either or 512-472-2499 ext. 205 to learn more about the outs and ins of Engineering Saturdays and how you can get involved in serving the Austin community. Also, check out and explore the Austin Children's Museum website at to get more familiarize with both the museum and EngrSATs. 

What is this "EngrSATs Kick-Off Party?"

Towards the end of each semester, the Service Committee, along side with Christina Soontornvat, host what is called the "EngrSATs Kick-Off Party." Basically we gather all the service representatives from UT Engineering student organizations who expressed interest in EngrSATs to select their projects and sign up for possible Saturday slots for the next upcoming semester. We coordinate and plan the logistics with Christina and the rest of the service reps to ensure that things go as planned and to be sure that the project will function right. During this party, Christina has also been kindly enough to provide all of us, including her, a delicious meal as well.

Here are additional websites we would like to share with you all to brainstorm ideas when you are ready to host your own event at EngrSATs:

What's K-12 Outreach Training?

Towards the beginning of each semester, service reps from the organizations officially scheduled for EngrSATs register and complete a K-12 Outreach Training session, if they haven't done so. Led by the Women in Engineering Program in collaboration with the Austin Children's Museum and Central Texas Discover Engineering, the K-12 Outreach Training helps all volunteers and participants have the best experience possible when it comes to K-12 Outreach, such as EngrSATs.